Introduction to the ESO Crafting Calculator

In this article I will showcase BluNET’s latest software, the ESO Crafting Calculator. The ESO Crafting Calculator is currently capable of building all combinations of crafted set armors and weapons, show you the material required, and an average price of what that material is worth. The ESO Crafting Calculator can also keep track of your known traits. We will be adding known styles soon then enchanting and eventually alchemy…

Installation ESO Crafting Calculator

  1. Download and launch the setup.exe from the ESOCalc page.
  2. After installation there should be a shortcut on the Desktop and in the Program Files menu under the ‘BluNET’ folder.
    1. Please launch from one of these 2 locations to receive automatic updates. Manually created shortcuts, like pinning to the taskbar, will result in running an outdated version.
  3. Upon launching the ESO Crafting Calculator you will be asked to sign into a Google account. This is required to view the ESO Crafting Calculator database stored within Google Sheets. Once signed in the application should open and you can now close your browser.

Adding Armor/Weapons

  1. Your Armor/Weapon and Level must be picked before other options like Quality, and Trait can be selected.
  2. Fill in all the required blanks(Set is the only one not required) and you will noticed that the individual material required and it’s cost is already displayed.
  3. Hit Add and your crafted item will be added to the Item list below. Also the individual material required to craft all the items listed in the Item list are shown along with their quantity and cost in the Materials list.
    1. You can select and highlight any items in the Item list and Remove them or Remove All
  4. Select and highlight any material in the Materials list and Right-Click to add that material to the Donated List.
  5. The Donated list holds any items or gold that a potential buyer may have donated to help craft the armor/weapons.
    1. You can select and highlight any items in the Donated list and Remove them or simply Add Gold to the list.
  6. A running total of all the material required minus the donated items are keep in the bottom right corner.

Trait Research

Trait research is pretty straight forward.

  1. Check any of the traits you know and hit Save.
  2. The white C is to clear that page only.

In the future we hope to implement this into the calculator in some way.


That it! In the future we hope to add some more helpful features like Known Style tracking, Enchanting, and Alchemy. Hope you enjoy it, hope it helps, and if you have any question you are welcome to stop by our Discord and ask questions!


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