Ultimate Twitch Bot 3 Song Request Black Screen Fix

Sometimes when using Ultimate Twitch Bot 3’s Song Request feature we run into an issue where the Youtube Flash player appears as a black screen when attempting to play a requested song. In this short article I want to address the various causes and explain possible solutions.

  1. The very first step we need to take in addressing this issue is verify that we are running Ultimate Twitch Bot 3 as an Administrator. I have taken the time to write an article on exactly how you can do that. That article can be viewed here: How-to run Ultimate Twitch Bot 3 as Administrator.
  2. The second and final know cause for the black screen is your Adobe Flash installation, specifically for the Microsoft IE browser. It’s unclear as to the direct cause but to resolve this issue I suggest using your Internet Explorer installation located in the directory below to reinstall Adobe Flash.
    1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

  3. If none of the above solutions work then I recommend joining the BluNET Discord server, post your question in the #utb_chat channel and patiently wait for a reply.

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