Ultimate Twitch Bot 3 Updating Issues

Sometimes users run into issues while updating their bot. Here are some things to know and possible solutions.


  • In your install directory, utb.db contains all of your bot settings.
  • In your install directory , accounts.db contains all your viewers’ currency. (Very Important File)
  • These 2 files must be in the same folder as Ultimate Twitch Bot.exe.


  1. If you get an error about a missing file while updating then it’s very likely that your anti-virus or windows defender has removed the UTB Updater.exe that is required to download new updates.
    1. Add UTB Updater.exe as an exception in your anti-virus. (Might be a good idea to add the UTB install folder too.)
    2. Use this link to download the latest version: Download
    3. Install into your current install directory and it should be updated now.
  2. If your bot updated but lost all the settings or accounts then you may have two installations.
    1. Download the latest installer and install it where you want it: Download
    2. Search for your second installation and locate the real utb.db and accounts.db.
    3. Place those two files in the install directory and they will load when you launch the bot.

If you are still having trouble after following the directions here then join us in Discord. Post your question in the #utb_chat channel along with the super secret word ‘Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub’ to show that you made it this far and have patience. Someone will help you soon.

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