Ultimate Twitch Bot 4.0. It’s Coming!

Every couple of years I have completely revamped the Ultimate Twitch Bot application from it’s first release back in 2013, through 2.0, 3.0 and now 4.0! Well it’s that time again and I would like to share some of the exciting new changes we can expect in Ultimate Twitch Bot 4.0 with you day!

With each update I take all the new methods and techniques I picked up through the trial and error development process of the previous versions to recreate the latest and greatest in Twitch Bot technology! Ok, that last bit might be a stretch but you get it, right? It’s going to be better, but how? What’s changing, what’s new? Well let me see if I can lay this out for us…


Most Notable Changes

  • Multi-Channel Support
    • Ultimate Twitch Bot 4.0 will contain multi-channel support or bust. BluNET is making it happen or we’re done, period. We’re not moving forward without it. We want to allow users to individually setup and maintain Ultimate Twitch Bot for multiple channels.
  • More Integrated Features
    • Greetings merged into Viewergroups.
    • Sounds and Overlays merged into variables.
  • Much much more..
    • This is far from a definitive list. The changes will be massive and the advantages will be greater.


Free and Paid Editions

I promise that every feature available to you in Ultimate Twitch Bot 3.0 will be made free in Ultimate Twitch Bot 4.0. No need to worry about losing functionality behind a paywall. With that being said, I do wish to make more income to help support more advanced features and faster updates. So I have decided to limit the number of channels free users are able to have simultaneously, among other limiting features as well. Current Ultimate Twitch Bot users should noticed no lose of function when upgrading from 3.0 to 4.0 Free Edition.



There you have it, a short and dirty overview of changes coming to Ultimate Twitch Bot 4.0. A release date is not available and a time frame is unpredictable, although we are aiming for Q1 2017. It’s going to be a long winter of coding, but I am very excited for the results come this spring. Stay tune!



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Download: Ultimate Twitch Bot 3.0

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