Welcome, Revlo Users! How-To Import Revlo CSV

It was bitter sweet news for us here at BluNET to hear that a fellow loyalty bot was shutting down after 2 years of operation. Revlo announced on May 26th, 2017 in the a blog post that it would be gone as of June 16th, 2017. It is also very concerning for communities who are firmly embedded into Revlo and we understand that here at BluNET. Fear not though, Ultimate Twitch Bot 3 is ready to pick up where Revlo left off.

Ultimate Twitch Bot 3 and Revlo are very similar in some ways and vastly different in others. I will attempt to address those differences as briefly and accurately as possible.


  1. Loyalty System – UTB3 has a currency based loyalty systems designed to reward viewers for time spent in chat.
  2. Giveaways – We also have a Drawing system where viewers can spend their currency for a entries.
  3. Contest – We have a betting system and a voting system that is very similar to Revlo Contest
  4. Leaderboard – Our !top10 and !top10time commands deliver the top 10 viewers in currency and online time.
  5. Gambling – We have a bankhack game plus betting/dice rolling also.


  1. Account Storage – Your viewers currency is stored locally on your own computer and automatically protected by periodic backups created by default.
  2. Viewergroups – We have a tier group system that also drives the permissions for our commands.
  3. Custom Commands – Our custom command system is pretty robust and getting better. We accept commands within commands and random responses from text files.
  4. Trivia System – Try our basic trivia game by adding your own categories, questions and answers.

Admittedly this is not a definitive list and I am not they well versed in Revlo, but I think it highlights some key points.

Important Notes for New Users:

  1. Most important thing to know is that Ultimate Twitch Bot is developed by one single solitary soul, as a hobby. Development is active, but slower and may not always be perfect. I just ask for your patience.
  2. Ultimate Twitch Bot and it’s current installer is often recognized by many Anti-viruses as a virus/trojan. This is a false positive but it can cause problems with your installation. I recommend setting UTB and it’s installer as an exception.
  3. Files utb.db and accounts.db hold your most important data(settings and users currency) and are stored in your install directory. Keep this files and your backup folder very safe.

How-To Import Revlo CSV:

  1. Open the bot.
  2. Click Tools > Options
  3. Click Accounts
  4. Right-Click on any account.
  5. Click Import Accounts > Revlo
  6. Read the condition of the import very carefully then select your revlo csv.


I hope this article helps clear up any questions or concerns you had. If you need help, have more questions, or would just like to hang out with the BluNET community join us in our Discord channel!

Thank you,

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