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ESO Crafting Calculator is a windows desktop application designed to assist Elder Scrolls Online crafters with tracking, quoting, and completing large armor and weapon crafting request by automatically providing a persistant item and material list and calculating average prices.


Our initial goal is to provide an easy to use crafting calculator for armor and weapons then add echanting, alchemy, etc...

Armor/Weapon Crafting

Build all combinations of armor and weapons adding them to a list while displaying individual and total cost of both the item and the material required.

Monthly Price Updates

Prices of material required is updated on a monthly basis from data provided by the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages.


Build all available weapon and armor enchants by picking the desired level, enchant and quality. Our calculator will give you the required runes, their cost and allow you to track multiple in a list.

Known Trait/Style Tracking

Easily track your known styles and traits within the calculator.

Have a look at a few screenshots.


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ESO Crafting Calculator





Introduction to the ESO Crafting Calculator


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (x86 and x64)
Google Account - Required to read spreadsheet database.

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