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So i was trying to change !gamble keyword to !gachapon. I have noticed it will keep the change while Ultimate Twitch Bot is up. Once the program is closed the data is not saved. I've tried changing the other command as well to see if by a chance it was only the !gamble but all commands can't be saved once Ultimate Twitch Bot is closed.

Wondering if other people are having this issue or it may be something just on my end.

Bug Reports & Suggestions / [help] Ultimate Twitch Bot V.3
« on: June 17, 2015, 05:09:56 AM »
  Decided to try out Ultimate Twitch Bot V.3 To see what it has to offer. Its pretty cool i like the new features that were added.
But right now i'm having a problem with Account OAuth. Keeps saying i didn't provide the correct oAuth.
  I clicked Generate OAuth and copy and pasted it into the text box
 Here is a picture

  It also won't let me verify Ultimate Twitch Bot V.3 for my channel but i'm going to assume this might be because of twitch servers being over loaded at the moment.


   Today when i started streaming i noticed that my bot wasn't greeting people when they came into my channel.  Then i noticed it wasn't updating the "live Accounts" tab.  It seems it can identify itself when it joins the channel and says "name" has joined the conversation.  This doesn't happen for any other account that does join my channels chat.

  Have any clue what could be causing this issue?

Ultimate Twitch Bot Ver.-
I didn't make any changes when i logged into ultimate twitch bot today all i did was press connect and left it at that. -image

Thanks for making this awesome bot! I find it very useful.
I will donate when i can for sure! Keep up the great work.

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