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Hey Seeingblue! I really like UTB 3.0, and I love the point system. Now, I did notice that there's not that much you can do with your points. I wish there was a way I could make custom rewards for my viewers to spend their points on. The system would then automatically subtract points and write down what they "bought". For example: I stream league of legends and Rocksmith. I'd love to be able to make these rewards for example:

League of Legends
  • 100 points: You can join a game with me
  • 500 points: I'll buy you a mystery skin
  • ...

  • 20 points: you can request a song
  • 100 points: you can let me play a song on master mode

Would it be possible to integrate this in UTB?

Kind Regards


I want to have the keywords for the commands "selfbalancecheck" and to answer a trivia question changed to !redpoints and !answer. I can change them, but the next time I restart UTB, it changed to their default names again, although I clicked save.

I tried downloading UTB today, and I set up everything before I started streaming (custom greetings, a trivia game with questions, naming my currency, etc.). After setting it all up, I went off my pc, but I didn't turn off the program. I was a way for a few hours. When I came back, nothing happened, so everything was okay. So I was ready to stream, and I went live. After a minute or so, the UTB crashed. I could restart it, but the same thing kept happening.

Also, when I try to activate my trivia game, it also crashes, and I get this error:

I tried removing and reinstalling. I also run it as administrator, like you recommended.

I hope you can help me out with this, because I was really looking forward to using UTB.
Thanks a lot in advance,


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