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Thanks, that's good news. My viewers are up in I am waiting for the pitch forks and torches. :)

Look forward to the converter; thanks for the response and all your hard work.



I've been using UTB for well over a year. Last March I went abroad (aka not streaming) for about 8 months (i.e. work). When I came back you had the latest version of UTB...but it didn't import my old viewer accounts. I have backups of the old accounts and some of my viewers have up to 4000 points (at 1 point per hour), but I can't figure how to import the files.

How can I do this and perhaps you can make an addition to UTB with this feature (which you can direct it to look into older directories)? I'd like the option to merge existing files with the old files so I have a total count for my loyal viewers.

Love the product; thanks!



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