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Author Topic: Work-in-Progress | Setting up UTB 3.0  (Read 4674 times)


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Work-in-Progress | Setting up UTB 3.0
« on: October 27, 2015, 02:25:02 PM »
This work is being continued here:

Installing UTB 3.0

  • Download the UTB3 Installer
  • Launch the UTB3 Install.exe
    • UTB3 Installer does require an administrator account to run.
  • Click Browse and choose an install folder.
    • An Ultimate Twitch Bot 3 folder will be created automatically inside the directory that you select.
  • Check whether you want to create a Desktop shortcut.
  • Check whether you want UTB3 to startup & connect automatically when the computer starts
  • Click Install.
    • You will see some downloads occur, once the downloads are done the install is finished. You may close the UTB3 Installer and launch Ultimate Twitch Bot.

Connecting to your Channel

  • You must agree to the UTB 3.0 Terms of Service by hitting Accept
  • Click Tools then Options.
  • Under the Twitch tab you need to fill out the OAuth and Channel.
    • OAuth: Use the Twitch Chat OAuth Password Generator to create your OAuth. You MUST be sign into with the account that you want to use as your bot before generating the OAuth.
    • Channel:Type in your channel name and start with the hashtag/pound symbol. Ex: #seeingblue
  • You can also enable or disable the automatic startup and connect here.
  • Hit the save button. A message box will appear to tell you what account it found associated with the OAuth you provided. Now you can close the options window.
  • Click Server then Connect and it should begin connecting to your channel. It may take around a minute before accounts in your channel are loaded into the bot.

Setting up Currency Rates

  • Give your currency a singular and plural name.
  • Tell how much currency should be rewarded the very first time an accounts is detected by the bot. This is a one time currency reward.
  • Set your currency rates for when you're stream is online and offline.

Using the Accounts Window

  • The accounts window will list every viewer that has been detected by the bot.
    • Clicking the Name column to sort accounts alphabetically.
    • Click the Points column to sort by their currency values.
    • Click the Online Time column to sort by the time a viewer has recorded online in your bot.
      • Time format is Days.Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Milliseconds
    • Subscriber and Donations column are not enabled yet.
  • Right-Clicking anywhere inside the accounts table will give you some menu options
    • Remove Account will delete the selected account from the bot.
    • Add Points will add the specified number of currency to the account's current currency value.
    • Subtract Points will subtract a specified number of currency to the account's current currency value.
    • Set Points will set the accounts current currency to a specified value.
    • Purge Accounts will remove all accounts based on their currency value.
      • 0 Balance will remove all accounts that have a 0 currency balance.
      • Custom Balance will remove all accounts that are equal to or less than a specified currency balance
    • Reset option will allow you to reset all accounts currency or online time values.
      • Points will reset all accounts currency values.
      • Online Time will reset all accounts Online Time values.
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