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Author Topic: Trouble Updating?  (Read 8570 times)


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Trouble Updating?
« on: March 23, 2016, 11:50:41 AM »
Sometimes users may run into issues while updating their bot. Here are some things-to-know and possible solutions.

  • In your install directory utb.db contains all of your bot's settings.
  • In your install directory accounts.db contains all your viewer's currency.(Very Important File)
  • These 2 files must be in the same folder as Ultimate Twitch Bot.exe.

  • If you get an error about a missing file while updating then it's very likely that you anti-virus or windows defender has removed the UTB Updater.exe that is required to download new updates.
    • To fix this you have to allow UTB Updater.exe in your anti-virus.
    • Then use this link to download the latest version: Download
    • Install into your current install directory and it should be updated now.
  • If your bot updated but lost all it's settings or accounts then you may have two installations.
    • Download the latest installer and install it where you want it: Download
    • Search for your second installation and locate the real utb.db and accounts.db.
    • Place those two files in the install directory and it they will load when you launch the bot.
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